Intelligent prostate cancer detection and reporting

Welcome to the new era of prostate cancer management with The Maxwell Plus Platform.

Our solution is to empower clinicians with artificial intelligence to eliminate unnecessary tests in prostate cancer diagnosis by creating the new gold standard for early detection.

Designed with leading clinicians, the Platform is a tailored software program for all members of the patient’s prostate cancer care team including General Practitioners, Radiologists and Urologists patient’s. To develop the Maxwell Plus AI, we have spent the past two years working with clinical partners from around the world to gather the highest quality data to train and validate our AI to ensure it will produce the best clinical outcomes.

The Platform enables:

Prioritisation of patients, so you know who you need to care for first

Optimised workflow with task automation, to reduce case review time

Enhanced communication between patients and care team members, to ensure your patients feel confident in their care

Tailored algorithms

Accurate diagnosis with AI tools including pre-imaging risk calculation, prostate volume analysis, lesion detection, segmentation and classification.

Seamless Report Generation

Members of the care team will be able to produce and share automated, standardised patient reports.

Speed up Diagnosis Process

By improving clinical accuracy and standarding reporting, high levels of efficiency will be brought into every practice.


Reduce screen time, increase patient time

We understand the clinical pressure of managing a patient caseload within daily practice. The driving force behind The Maxwell Plus Platform is to help you by optimising your clinical workflow with artificial intelligence so you can concentrate on delivering high-quality patient care by:

  • Priortising patient needs based on their results
  • Removing time-consuming tasks through automation
  • Presenting key patient information and results in an easy to access summary

The Maxwell Plus Platform will help you prioritise case review, patient recall urgency, and access to reports.

Saving you valuable minutes in your busy day.


Enhanced communication for everyone

Maxwell Plus is designed to support the whole prostate cancer patient diagnostic journey integrating the Digital Clinic and Platform.

All members of the care team including General Practitioners, Radiologists and Urologists will have access to the same patient AI insights, recommendations and reports to support informed clinical decisions.

Give your patients confidence and control of their health with accessible reports delivered from the Platform to their account on the Digital Clinic.


Simple connection, for you and your patients

The Maxwell Plus team will work with you to create a tailored integration plan to ensure you enjoy the benefits of The Maxwell Plus Platform from day one.

Our AI algorithm is vendor-neutral, supporting all MRI systems and seamlessly integrates with all clinical PACs and RISs systems to pull multiple forms of patient data.

Regulation Status

Our CE and TGA approval is in progress.
We have received approval in New Zealand.
We will apply for our FDA approval in the second half of 2019.