The Team
Dr. Elliot Smith
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder
Becks Simpson
Head of Screening AI
Paula Tattam
Head of Diagnostics AI
Tom White
Head of Growth
Dr. Sriganesh Srihari
AI Engineer and Researcher
Dr. Ben Riggall
Clinical Expert
Katharina Gottwald
AI Engineer
Lewis Smith
AI Engineer
Dr. Anna Effeindzourou
AI Engineer
Aiden Carey
AI Engineer
Geoff Breemer
AI Engineer
Claire Cunningham
Clinical Operations Manager
Ray Kwong
Lead UX/UI Designer
James Gosbell
Frontend Engineer
Bandita Sharma
Fullstack Developer
Rohan Mirchandani
AI Engineer
Amelia Okulewicz
Backend and AI Engineer
Russel Demos
AI Engineer
Jack Eadie
Backend Engineer
Chief Dognostics Officer
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