Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic

1 in 7 males will be diagnosed with prostate cancer by age 85. Early detection is the difference between life and death.

With The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic you will:

  • Receive peace of mind with immediate access to an online assessment.
  • Have access to dedicated prostate cancer specialists at your fingertips.
  • Empower yourself with personalised recommendations guided by our AI.
Personalised assessment with AI

Dedicated care team at your fingertips

The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic combines artificial intelligence and specialist clinicians to tell you how to manage your risk. By joining us you can:
  • Streamline your prostate cancer testing and diagnostic journey.
  • Access support from specialist clinicians anywhere, anytime.
  • Get direct access to recommendations and reporting.

In-app reporting

Quick access to reporting through a secure account.

AI Analysis

A personal risk assessment using Maxwell Plus’ state of the art AI technology.

An expert clinical care team

Ability to share results with your doctor on The Maxwell Plus Platform for prostate cancer.


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Less Time Spent


Less waiting time

How The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic Works
We use state of the art AI to review and analyse your personal data. In 3 easy steps, we can tell you your risk of prostate cancer.
Join Maxwell Plus and we will guide you through prostate cancer testing.
Step 1

Join The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic

Join The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic and answer a few quick questions as part of the free questionnaire to determine your baseline risk.

Step 2

Follow the guided pathway

Through 4 simple steps developed from the National Health and Medical Research Council and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners guidelines, in conjunction with leading Urologists, The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic has created the new pathway to support you all the way through. 

Based on your information The Digital Clinic will provide you with evidence-based recommendations based on your personalised risk.


Step 3

Receive your recommendation

The recommendation may be to return in a year or to go for further tests which may include up to two PSA blood tests over 1 -3 months, dependent on your initial results. If required your pathology request form will be emailed directly to you to take to your local collection centre with results accessible in your account.

After your tests are completed, go to your GP to share and discuss your results and, if required, receive a referral for a Urologists.

At any time, Maxwell Plus can connect you with a doctor to discuss your results at your own cost.


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