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Never worry about missing a check-up or test. We manage everything you need from start to finish, making sure you get what you need when you need it.

When you join you’ll be connected to one of our dedicated prostate cancer testing doctors. They’ll work with you to create a deeply personalised testing pathway based on their focused expertise in men’s health. All data and decisions are available to you at any time and can be sent back to your regular GP if requested.

All online

Our doctors know there are better ways to reach you than making you come into the clinic. It’s 2020, the way we communicate has changed, it’s time healthcare caught up.

Most communication, appointments and test requests are done via our secure, online application. If you do need an in person appointment we organise this. We’re here for men who have been tested and those with no testing history. No referral required.

All inclusive

Have the peace of mind knowing you won’t have to worry about out of pocket costs.

A subscription covers all the costs your private health insurance won’t ensuring you are completely covered from day one to diagnosis. Our care never stops either – our AI is constantly improving and when it does, we review your results again to ensure you have the best recommendation.

How does it work?

Online assessment

Answer a few simple questions we’ll analyse all your previous results. Our doctors can also answer any questions you have at this time.

Personalised pathway

Our expert doctors and AI will recommend a testing pathway personalised to you, detailing different scenarios based off your individual risk.

Convenient care

Your testing can be done at over 2,500 testing centres across Australia meaning you don’t have to travel and wait for the doctor.

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Customer stories

“I am a supervisor of 2 teams and have spoken to all my guys about this and made sure they know how easy it is to get tested with Maxwell Plus and how detailed and thorough they are. Simply I use it because it is a great service and it saves lives.”

Colin, City Council Supervisor

“Maxwell Plus helped us bring testing to our entire site and test over 90% of our eligible men. Their ability to provide awareness and test men quickly and accurately with their technology was immensely beneficial to our people. They have helped to get men tested for the first time, and also help men who are higher risk manage their risk with further testing”

Brendan – Safety Manager

Australian artificial intelligence and algorithms used to diagnose cancer

Now, a world-first diagnosis tool for prostate cancer is using artificial intelligence and algorithms to dissect a patient’s medical history and family history to more accurately diagnose cancer much earlier than blood tests.

– Sunrise • 7 NEWS

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“Using AI to tackle some of the country’s most pressing healthcare problems, including diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and connecting hard-to-reach patients with doctors”

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"The technology has the potential to transform the lives of millions currently at risk of cancer as well as improve the quality of life of those already living with the disease."

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We partnered with experts in prostate cancer in Australia.

You’ll be assigned to one of our dedicated doctors for clinical review and recommendations.

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