Frontend Engineer
by Ray Kwong, May 15, 2018

About us

Maxwell Plus is a Brisbane based startup using AI to find and manage the risk of disease. Our first application is in prostate cancer. We’re an approved medical device and in market, working with corporate health and wellbeing programs to help men at work get tested and manage their risk. We’re looking for an enthusiastic, hard-working person to join our team and help make diseases like prostate cancer a thing of the past.

Senior Frontend (React) Engineer


  1. Work as part of a small cross-functional product development team to engineer and deliver Maxwell Plus’ core product to clinicians and their patients.
  2. Write high performing, maintainable and testable frontend components and core product features
  3. Champion good software development and delivery practices by maintaining customer expectations and releases

Culture Fit

  1. Be passionate about using software and AI to help deliver healthcare to both patients and clinicians
  2. Open and honest in both giving feedback to help the team and company improve and asking for help whenever needed
  3. Enjoy working in a close-knit flexible team who learn off each other
  4. Comfortable to think big and being outside of your comfort zone in a fast-paced environment

Your Skills and Experience

  1. 3 years of JavaScript experience including 1+ years of React.js development experience delivering complex applications.
  2. Extensive experience with HTML5, CSS3 (i.e. SASS, CSS-in-JS) and Javascript (ES6+) code standards, best practices and design patterns.
  3. Experience with state management libraries (i.e. redux, redux-saga, mobx) consuming REST API’s
  4. Experience writing automated frontend tests using testing frameworks (i.e. Jest, Enzyme, Cypress, Mocha.js).
  5. A strong architectural mindset with focus on producing simple, reusable and maintainable components and features.
  6. A strong understanding of frontend build tooling (i.e. yarn/npm, CRA, webpack, Docker) for releasing software
  7. Experience with data visualisation libraries and platforms (i.e. canvas, svg, victory.js and D3.js)
  8. A strong understanding of version control (i.e. Git, Gitflow), test-driven and documentation-driven development and agile (i.e. Scrum) working practices.
  9. Self driven, willing to take initiative, and drive good software development practices.

Highly Desirable Criteria

  1. UX/UI knowledge and exposure to design systems
  2. Familiarity with Static Typing (Flow/Typescript)
  3. Familiarity with backend REST API design (i.e. Django, Python)
  4. Experience working with Google cloud and improving CI/CD best practices.
  5. Experience developing PWAs or hybrid apps.
  6. Familiarity with modern web auth practices such as JWT
  7. Experience working on software in a ISO9001 environment

What you get from us

  1. Work alongside a dynamic and young team building great software on a modern technology stack
  2. Play a key role in product design and delivery
  3. Flexible working environment and get exposure to the whole software delivery lifecycle

Contact us if you are interested.