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Give yourself the most in-depth analysis of your data and the most accurate view of your risk for just $60.

In-depth analysis.

Testing accurately.

Our AI and specialist clinicians form the most accurate picture of your risk by analysing all your data.

This includes your previous blood tests, MRIs, biopsy results and any other information individual to you. Click here to see our full testing protocol.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Testing personalised.

With your data, our AI and specialist clinicians recommend the best pathway for you. So you know the next step is the right step.

Working alongside your family GP, we communicate all our findings, reports and testing back to them.

Less Appointments, better outcomes.

Testing simplified.

You can order tests, review results and share results. Our specialist clinicians communicate with your GP through the application.

No more waiting room, no more ‘follow-up’ appointments, no more painful parking. No more excuses. Click here to see how Maxwell Plus works.

Manage your risk in 3 simple steps.
How it works

Create an account

Sign up and answer a few questions to understand your baseline risk.

Get tested

Your blood test referral is delivered through the app and your past test results will be uploaded.

Manage your risk

Specialist clinicians and our AI review all your data and recommend the next best step for you.

Who should be getting tested for prostate cancer?

Prostate cancer is prevalent

Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men

In 2019 nearly 20,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. Nearly 1 in 7 males will be diagnosed by the age of 85, 1 in 10 by the age of 65.

Testing should begin at the age of 40 for males with a baseline blood test to establish your baseline. Over the years it is important to monitor how this changes, yearly for men over 50.

More information can be found at Cancer Australia.

Early detection is the difference

Getting tested early and regularly can save your life

When detected early, outcomes for prostate cancer are fantastic, >98% 5-year survival rate. This dramatically changes for when detected late.

Getting tested early and often is the only way to ensure that you end up in the 98%.

Fewer appointments, better outcomes

Maxwell Plus is the easy, right way to get tested

With Maxwell Plus you will get the most in-depth analysis of your results in an affordable, convenient way.

Receive your referrals and recommendations all through the app – no more waiting rooms or inconvenient appointments.

We’ve negotiated preferential rates with our trusted suppliers, we pass this on to you to save you money compared to traditional method.

Start managing your risk.
$60 per year

For $60 you will get 12 months of analysis by our AI and specialist clinicians and your first blood test to get you started.

Why I support Maxwell Plus

“Maxwell Plus makes it simple to keep your prostate cancer risk under control.”

Chief Medical Officer, Maxwell Plus

Why I need Maxwell Plus

“During a recent health scare I really didn’t want my health to be quantified. However I knew that once the question was asked it had to be answered.


Everything turned out fine, but something more proactive was required. Maxwell Plus is exactly what I needed.”

Maxwell Plus user since 2017
45 years old

Why I use Maxwell Plus

“Maxwell Plus is individual to you. The access to their AI and specialist clinicians online is what really attracted me. Now I know my GP and I don’t need to worry about my prostate cancer risk, Maxwell is managing that for me.”

Maxwell Plus user since 2019
62 years old

Affordable, convenient, accurate
Our testing protocol

How Maxwell Plus tests for prostate cancer.

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Blood Test

The traditional pathway includes a PSA test every 2 years after an in-person consultation with your GP. 

On average your GP appointment costs you $40, as well as parking and transport costs.

Every second year,  you will pay for the GP and the test ($90), costing you  $130.

As a Maxwell Plus member your $60 yearly membership fee covers a PSA test every year – saving you up to $70 a year.


PSA Blood Test 2 (Free-PSA Test)

Testing for Free-PSA is not covered by Medicare. This test has an out of pocket cost of $100, and requires GP consults.

As a Maxwell Plus member this will cost you $100 – saving you $400


Prostate Health Index (PHI Test)

PHI testing is not covered by Medicare. This test has an out of pocket cost of $200, and requires GP consults.

As a Maxwell Plus member this will cost you $100 – saving you $100


MRI Scans

The Medicare rebate depends on factors such as PSA results and age. When rebated the MRI is often fully paid for by Medicare. When it is not, the MRI can cost up to $450.

Maxwell Plus tailors your testing pathway to provide you with the best possible outcome, while minimising out of pocket expenses.


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