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Our vision
Early detection of prostate cancer through AI

As a member of the Queensland Police Service you are putting your life at risk everyday for the safety of the community.

We believe this risk is greater than most, and we want to help you manage your risk of prostate cancer. With an estimated 1 in 7 Australian men expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 85, we want to put your mind at ease with The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic.
The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic

Partnering with expert prostate cancer specialists, The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic is the world’s most accurate risk assessment of prostate cancer to help you understand and manage your risk.

Step 1 –
Establish your baseline risk through a short guided questionnaire

Step 2 –
Join The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic to receive personalised recommendations on how to manage your risk

The Digital Clinical Annual Care Plan

With The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic Annual Care Plan you will receive:

  • Unlimited analysis of your results at every stage of  your journey by our AI and prostate cancer specialists
  • Your first PSA blood test to begin your personalisation
  • Recommendations tailored to your personal risk including specialist referrals
As an exclusive offer to QPS staff, family and friends, you can access The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic for just $60 (excluding medical appointments), discounted from the standard fee of $150.
About prostate cancer
1 in 7 men

are expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer by 85 years of age

Prostate cancer

is one of the common cancers among Australian Men

17,000 new cases

are diagnosed every year

93,343 Australian men

are currently living with prostate cancer

Each Day 32 Australian men

learn they have prostate cancer

3,500 men

are expected to die from prostate cancer in 2018

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