Prostate cancer in Australia

Fast, easy and accurate

Our clinicians use artificial intelligence to analyse your data, helping them make personalised decisions for you.

If you’ve never been tested we can supply a blood test form without needing to see a doctor.

Get started with the new gold standard for prostate cancer testing.

Get a free initial assessment

After you answer some simple questions, we track down results from any previous testing. Our clinical team will then assess your past data for free and give you a recommended next step.

If you require testing, prices start from $35/year.

Whether you’ve never had a test or have been getting tests for years, now is the time to get started.

How does it work?
  • Online assessment

    After answering questions around your medical history we will refer you for your PSA blood test or track down past history for you if you are eligible.

  • Blood test

    If you are eligible for testing, a referral will be sent via email and stored on our platform, starting from $35/year. There are over 2,500 testing facilities across Australia you can visit.

  • Specialist review

    Our specialist clinicians review your results, assisted by Maxwell Plus artificial intelligence and will provide you with a recommendation on what’s next.

  • Clinical Recommendation

    Receive your clinical recommendation and take action accordingly. You will have peace of mind that your risk of prostate cancer is being managed correctly.


We've paired dedicated clinicians with cutting edge technology
Providing the gold standard in prostate cancer testing.

Whether you’re new to testing or have a regular doctor, we deliver accurate and early detection to all Australian men.


Are you a clinician or a corporate representative? Head to our clinician or corporate section for more information.


We partnered with experts in prostate cancer in Australia.

You’ll be assigned to one of our dedicated doctors for clinical review and recommendations.


On-site testing with world class engagement rates

Our corporate package offers access to on-site testing without long wait times, saving you and your organisation time and keeping it healthy.

Regulatory Information

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