A Global men's health issue

Prostate Cancer diagnosis is unnecessarily complex

Numerous appointments means hours off work or away from home, and multiple bills for the cost of each appointment and medical test.

The sad reality of prostate cancer is that today globally:

– 3,500 will be diagnosed

– 841 men will die

We are revolutionising the diagnostic pathway so you can take control, manage your risk and if diagnosed, catch it early to improve your treatment options and outcome.

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Improved care powered by AI

The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic is simple, accessible and affordable

A web-based platform with tailored solutions for individuals. Providing you with access to:

  • Personalised risk analysis
  • Guided care pathways
  • Instant online access for prostate health reports and related data

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The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic difference

Introducing the new gold standard

The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic pathway was developed from the National Health and Medical Research, Royal College of General Practitioners and leading Urologists tailored guidelines.

The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic:

  • Reduces the number of doctor appointments required
  • Is managed in your own time
  • Is discreet and secure
  • Shares your results with your clinical care team
  • Accesses your clinical care team anytime through the Clinic

The Maxwell Plus Digital Clinic allows you to take control of your risk of prostate cancer.

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Supporting the clinical care team

Enhancing clinician’s workflow with patients prioritisation and task automation

With a unique focus on care teams, powerful AI will deliver unprecedented efficiency in cancer assessment and diagnosis.

The Maxwell Plus Platform for prostate cancer will seamlessly integrate with your current systems and practices. Ultimately, allowing you to focus on delivering care for your patients

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Why I support Maxwell Plus

“My biggest pain was the quality of referrals, we miss people and send people too late, Maxwell Plus fixes that.”

Chief Medical Officer, Maxwell Plus
Urologist, QProstate 


Our CE and TGA approval is in progress.
We have received approval in New Zealand.
We will apply for our FDA approval in the second half of 2019.

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