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After you answer some simple questions, we track down results from any previous testing. Our clinical team will then assess your past data for free and give you a recommended next step.

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Why I support Maxwell Plus

“Maxwell Plus makes it simple to keep your prostate cancer risk under control.”

Dr. Peter Swindle, MBBS MS FRACS (Urologist)
Chief Medical Officer, Maxwell Plus

Why I need Maxwell Plus

“During a recent health scare I really didn’t want my health to be quantified. However I knew that once the question was asked it had to be answered.

Everything turned out fine, but something more proactive was required. Maxwell Plus is exactly what I needed.”

Maxwell Plus user since 2017
45 years old

Why I use Maxwell Plus

“Maxwell Plus is individual to you. The access to their AI and clinicians is what really attracted me. Now I know my GP and I don’t need to worry about my prostate cancer risk, Maxwell is managing that for me.”

Maxwell Plus user since 2019
62 years old

Prostate cancer in Australia

For all Australian men, informed testing should begin at the age of 40 with a “baseline” test. The frequency of testing is dependent on other risk factors (e.g. family history), but every male should be getting tested yearly after the age of 50.

5 million

Australian men are currently at risk of developing prostate cancer

1 in 6

Australian men will be diagnosed by the age of 85


Chance of 5-year survival if prostate cancer is detected late

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